WD HD TV LIVE Stutters! Please help

I just bought the WD HD TV Live. I also purhased a Buffalo Nfinity wireless-N Ultra-compact usb 2.0 adapter.

I have a Netgear WNR834Bv2 wireless N-router.

I went through the pain staking setup to share my folders with this thing.

After getting it up and running and being able to see all of my MKV and M2TS files i attempt to play them.

After 30-52 seconds no matter what movie I play (720p - 1080p, size as in 4.5g or 12g) the movie starts stuttering and sound is gone. The movie remains this way no matter how long i pause it or let it play.

I have tried using media servers to see if they help with no success. (I have used Tversity/PS3 media server/ Twonky Media / and Play on). It seems no matter what i do i can not get a movie to play.

I am running windows 7 ultimate 64bit. on an i7-920 with ATI radeon HD 5850 x2 Crossfire.

When i plug in a USB hard drive it plays the moves flawlessly (Same movies im having troubles with). I have searched and searched on the web for countless hours and have yet to find any success. I have the newest firmware for both the router and WD HD TV. I have done the reseting of the HD unit by pushing the button, resetting factory defaults and unplugging it for few minutes.

Please any help im in dire need! I resorted to this due to the same issue happening with my PS3 due to their newest updates screwing the streaming up.

thank you!

The odds are good that the bit rate of the movies you are trying to play is just too great to play wirelessly.  This is especially true of M2TS files direct from a blu-ray.

Your alternatives are to wire up the unit and/or compress the files.  I use Handbrake, and the results are indistinguisable from the original blu-ray  MOST of these files will stream wirelessly (however, you should be aware that even a Handbraked file may have stutter problems if it’s too high – Black Hawk Down and The African Queen, for example, are both too high to play back wireless in my setup, so I switched to wired).

What bitrate should they be? Also what is a good converter to change these bitrates? I tried handbrake. works fine when loading an MKV to convert but crashes every time I load an M2TS file.

I just downloaded iSkysoft video converter and im going to convert the m2ts file into an MKV and see how that runs. The video im trying to play is batman the dark night in 1080p. Also iron man keeps screwing up and its a 720p mkv file. So im guessing as u said bitrate???


I have no clue how to use or change bitrates in handbrake, fyi. i just clicked convert, lol. If you got an idea please let me know. Also how to make it work with m2ts files for converting. thanks again


Using iSkysoft i figured out how to change the bitrate. It allows it in settings. I set it to something like 750. Thats not exactly the correct # but its in that ball field. I beleive i saw some where that in order to stream without hicups the movies have to have less then 800 for the bitrate. Im converting it now and i will see if it works!

If you use Handbrake make sure you use the nightlies as they have fixes in them for blu-ray discs.  I’ve ripped literally hundreds of blu-rays without issues using Handbrake (and that’s M2TS files).

For playing on a locally attached drive or wired into a network you can get away with rates as high as 30mpbs.  Wireless can’t stream more than 25 or so.  The nice thing about using Handbrake is you just use the preset I suggest and don’t worry about rates.

I figured it out!! See my other post.


Thanks for the replies!