WD HD TV Gen2 optical audio playback question

I have read countless forums discussions, but I still am not sure about couple of things. I hope someone here can confirm/explain some of my questions. Btw, I am using WD HD TV Gen2 P/N WDBABG0000NBK with the latest firmware (

  • is the optical TOSLINK output “bit perfect”?

  • what is the issue with 24/96 downsampling via optical TOSLINK output? I read that WDHDTV downsamples to 24bit/96kHz audio file to 48 kHz when outputing via TOSLINK. Does the resolution of the audio still stay 24 bit (so the output is then 24bit/48kHz).

  • Is the TOSLINK digital output specification different than HDMI digital output?

  • is the 16/44.1 playback via optical TOSLINK output bit perfect?

Thank you for the answers!

NO TOSLINK or S/PDIF output is ever bit-perfect. 

Since optical output is one-way only, there’s no synchronization of clocks.  This can cause bit slips due to clock drift and jitter.  The receiver must have some method of “recovering” the source clock in order to avoid introduction of digital noise.

 A good quality TOSLINK cable of a short length (26 EUR for 0,75 m cable) should at least minimize jitter, right?

That question is well over my head.  :)