Wd hd tv, cant see 2TB usb disk formatted as mac hds+ without journaling

Hi all,

I am having issues getting the ‘wd hd tv’ to see my disk, usb2, with data from a mac, i believe it is formated in HDS+ without journaling. i have updated the firmware to 1.06 but still not joy. its not a western digital usb disk. its a lacie one.

any tips or suggestions?

i can copy movies off the lacie disk, via my windows computer ‘macdrive’ software, onto an ntfs formatted usb disk and this plays ok.




I’m having a Mac-Formatted USB-Disk attached to my WDTV too and never had any problems with that.

But, some external drives have a problem to power up while sitting only on USB. You should try either a diffrent cable (preferred a short one) or interface on the WD.

Also, if your LaCIE supports a external power source you may also try these.

Hope that will help you.