WD HD RED 4GB 5-10sec knock issue

I purchase 2 WD REDS 4GB from DELL Canada, in Dec 2019, it now May 2020 and an annoying loud Knock/Clunking sound occurring every 5-10 seconds on Both drives both on load and idle. Even with the case closed it’s annoying as heck!. Everything about this is screaming defectives HDDs, poor manufacturing or lack of quality control.

@WD is there a firmware that can be update to fix this issue.

WD RED Drive 1: WD4003FFBX
Manufacture DATE 0CT 9 2019

WD RED Drive 2: WD4003FFBX
Manufacture DATE 0CT 9 2019

I have a third WD Red and it runs perfectly fine no knocking or other irritating noises and its 2 years older than these new REDs

The 3rd drive with no issues is

Manufacture Date Sept 21 2017

Knocking/Clunking sound is my experience is a Faulty Hard Drive … no firmware update will fix that

I would be contacting DELL Canada Warranty

(OEM Drives are not covered by Western Digital, it’s Dell’s responsibility)

Hi Joey, hows it going and thank you for the reply.

These are not OEM drives, DELL, like AMAZON, EBAY or your Local Computer shop who are resellers of WD products. OEM would be if DELL design and sold their own NAS station which included white labeled WD HDD’s Then yes it would be DELL’s responsibility.

That being said DELL has imo been straight up with returns and I have already reach out to them regarding this issue.

The reason for my post here is WD Customer care do read these forms and I like so many others who have post this known knocking issue. By starting new threads with appropriate TAGS keep this issue alive.

My older WD RED does not have this problem (2017 model) wonder what was changed with 2019 models

I wish I could upload an audio clip because it is very loud coming from a sound dampened case. Rather annoying.