WD HD Live Plus over HDMI, can't get an uncorrupted picture

I just sold my WD TV HD for a new WD TV HD Live Plus. I wanted Netflix streaming, and I was having sound and playback issues with most mkv files. Apart from that the gen 1 HD gave me a good image connected to my Infocus LP350 projector through HDMI via a M1-DA DVI connector. Audio was via optical through my receiver. Tonight I hooked up the new Live Plus for the first time to the projector and I couldn’t get a stable image. It took a lot longer to give any kind of image at all, and when it did come up it was all garbled. I played with all the options on the projector as well as the Plus but wasn’t able to get anything to stabilize. The best I got was a squished half screen, or full screen with permanent areas of corruption or artifacts; it’s hard to describe. I can shoot some video if anyone thought it would be helpful. I hope I’m not out of luck and have to return the unit to Amazon. Does anyone have any ideas, apart from buying a new HDMI cable (the same cable worked fine with the old unit.) ?

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You say you “played with all the settings” but did you manually set the HDMI resolution on the Live, or just use “auto”.

I would go to HDMI and force the Live into whatever resolution you want.  HDMI handshaking doesn’t always work properly and this will eliminate it as an issue.

Hi Mike, thanks for the reply. By “played with all the settings” I mean I methodically stepped through all of the resolution settings both auto and non-auto on the WD. The result is varying types of artifacts and gobbledegook on the screen. In auto modes the WD seems to cycle through different resolutions or settings, perhaps it is trying to handshake. When I select a lot of the non-auto modes nothing seems to happen - it doesn’t even ask “are you sure” I always got a strong signal with my prior WD – the splash screen was always corrupted with similar artifacts but once it fully booted up to the menu I always had a nice stable image.

Gobbledygook and Artifacts makes it sound, to me, like a poor HDMI connection.   Tried using a shorter HDMI 1.3 cable for comparison?

It’s a three foot HDMI cable so I doubt I can find one shorter, but I suppose it is worth trying with a new one, although the same cable worked just fine with my original WD HD.

Oh.  I figured since it was a projector that you had some distance between it.   3 Foot should be plenty short…

I had both audio & video problems since upgrading from the WD TV to the WD TV Live Plus. I found that upgrading to a higher gauge HDMI cable solved my problems. I went from a 28 gauge Monoprice cable to a 24 gauge Monoprice cable. http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=102&cp_id=10240&cs_id=1024004&p_id=4965&seq=1&format=2

Here are two pictures of the problems I’ve been having. Is this what it looked like for you with a 28awg cable?

From the specs it looks like my lp350 supports RGB only for 720p.  Anyway, this is the best picture I can get, as you can see there are horizontal lines where the image is displaced.

I can’t see the pictures (jsut see yellow triangles).  But probably not.  My problem appeared to be a sync problem where the picture would flash on the screen in a few differnent sizes and then it was flash back & forth between black and an attempted picture.