WD HD Live Plus jumps back to beginning of MPEG-2 clip after fast-forward to 1 hr 15 min

This question is for a WDBABX0000NBK-00

I’m using an MPEG-2 transport stream clip that I’ve extracted from the ATSC 1080i feed of OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting). This is neither re-encoded nor re-multiplexed. I’m using a USB drive with an NTFS (Microsoft) file system, since the clips exceed the maximum length that a FAT system will hold. The same issue occurs on any of these clips. All are 2-4 hours in duration.

The last clip I tried is 2 hr long (10GB, so about 11Mbps). I wanted to watch a section starting at 01:15:00. The manual indicated that I could hit Next during fast-forward to jump forward 10 minutes, but it just continued the fast-forward without jumping. I tried fast-fwd at 8x: it played for 3-4 seconds at 8x, then broke out of full-screen play, reverted to the preview window in the USB browser, and started over at the start of the clip. I tried 4x, which got me to 01:15:00 in about 18 minutes, and then hit play. It then jumped back to 00:00:00 and played at x1.

Tearing my hair out on this, any suggestions?

Hi there,

Try to reset the device and play the file again to see if the same issue happens again. Here is a link that might help you with the reset process:


Why reset it? You should remux the file with MKVToolnix or ProjectX and try it again.

One thing works slightly better after the reset: if I put it into 4x fast-fwd, it jumps 10 minutes forward each time I hit Next. Unfortunately, when I get to the 1 hr point and hit play, it jumps back to the point in the clip where I hit Next for the first time, so I can’t use Next to do anything useful. 

I ran 4x fast-fwd until I got to around 1 hr 15 min, then hit play. It jumped back to around 0 hr 45 minutes for a few seconds, then jumped back to the point where I started 4x, and continued play there.

Techflaws wrote:

Why reset it? You should remux the file with MKVToolnix or ProjectX and try it again.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try that if I run out of other options. I’d like to figure out first whether there’s a way to get the player to work correctly. It would help me, and maybe help the community.

The copy of the file onto the usb drive took hours. Re-muxing it means I need enough disk space for 2 huge files.

My other tools (ffmpeg and mplayer) can easily seek or play off-speed for this clip, so I know it’s possible. The WD has (in general) been a great little box. It’s been able to play anything I throw at it (my Sony bluray player won’t even recognize the NTFS parition on the USB, which I need to handle the huge files). The time to boot and get the GUI running is pretty good (the Sony bluray player takes forever).

I’m pretty sure it will play “correctly” once it gets files that are in a properly muxed format. All software players can handle more files than the WDTV. You could try a smaller file if your recorder really needs hours to transfer files.