WD has become a scam company

as others have stated, WD warranty program has become a disgrace

not only have they refused to ship a replacement hard drive for the advanced RMA I submitted, but they charged my card weeks ago the non-refundable $25.

They replied saying they want a receipt, and picture of the serial number.

I already shipped it to them in the meantime of waiting all this time… nor did I ever have proof of receipt after all this time anyways, bought from 3rd party.

so nothing is getting shipped to me, it’s been a month, there is no recourse for getting the $25 fee back.

WD has become literally a scam company. they pick and choose which advanced RMA’s to fulfill, and will not contact you with any issue. Your advanced RMA shipping status will change to “SHIPPED” even though they did not ship it… no tracking…and they make you contact them asking what’s going on, did it ship or not, refund my $25 fee… they have no access or control over the fees or refunding anything… they will ask you for receipt proof if you do an advanced RMA… they don’t require it when you submit the RMA… and they don’t contact you… you just wait and wait and wait and you’ll eventually contact them and find all this out, and you will be out $25 and no replacement drive.

if anyone has had an advanced rma actually shipped in July or beyond, reply to this post. seems they are just pocketing people’s $25 fees and the employees replying to messages have no capabilities of refunding anything when you tell them to cancel the advanced rma and refund you, because they are demanding receipt proof only after you wait and wait and wait and finally contact them as to why your RMA is lying saying it shipped when it hasn’t


you have no idea how bad wd is now.
their system is completely useless.
look at what my account shows for my recent advanced RMA. recent as in (weeks ago) I actually was charged $25 non-refundable fee for horribly slow service… nevertheless…



the history page says SHIPPED, the status page says pending… and ups driver says he delivered a package to me… but it must have got stolen, and WD never updated the status page, its still outdated, they never notified me of shipment… such an obsolete worthless system, what’s even the point of their status page when they do not have their warehouse people update it with tracking anymore. such a joke.

same here. have multiple advanced RMA’s between myself & my company, & the rma’s were never fulfilled, they just say pending, it’s been months.

a class action lawsuit needs to be done, WD must be pocketing millions of dollars in stealing people’s $25 “non-refundable” convenience fee for doing an advanced RMA, only for them to not even process them.

we will see if they can get away with this

Wow, I didn’t want to believe it, but you guys are right. I paid for an advance rma and now and they’re claiming they’ve shipped my replacement, but no one can give me a tracking number. I’m actually going to have to call in and report the charges to my credit card as fraud, and it will be true. Sad.

I sent a 2TB black in with RMA, they ended up keeping it saying serial didn’t match the drive, which was false. Just this past week I had to return WD Blue SSD to Best Buy. WD refused to register it…saying serial didn’t match…even after I ran their software, took pics …WD use to be a good company not so much today

Same here! mine is a 2tb sn850. It has been a month and a half. They claimed that i sent in the wrong drive and the serial number does not match up. it is absurd.

did any of you receive your drive?

if your issues still remain, plz contact me at scli_james@yahoo.com

i’d like to set up a group for potential class action against WD if thats the only way out

My RMA has been marked received for over a month. No updates, every time I try to get answers I get nothing new. May have to file a claim on my credit card. They basically stole $300 from me. Though not sure how that’ll work since I bought it from B&H.

My 1TB SN850 drive I received as a Christmas gift last year packed it in and won’t boot or detect. Paid the advance RMA fee and then Western Digital decided to deny my request because I didn’t have a receipt of purchase. So just like the the previous posters, I now too have to report the charge on my card as fraud in order to get my money back.

What a great way to establish distrust with your customers. The warranty program is now just a income-generating scam.