WD hard drive was working perfect and now it is not being recongnised by my laptop Help!

I’ve been using my hardrive to watch movies on and now in a matter of an hour, it is now not showing up on my mac at all…

The light is on, flashing, and it sounds like it is working normally but it is not detected by my computer.

What is going on?

Any help much appreciated!!

Thank you!! 


You can try some basic troubleshooting.

Such as:

  1. Powercycle the drive and computer
  2. Try a different port
  3. Check Disk Management

What does powercycle mean?

Unplug from power and computer and then reconnect.

My hard drive is doing the exact same thing.  I tried different port, tried disconnecting from power and retrying.  I’ve tried on another computer other than my mac.

It has all my photos on it and I was just trying to save some more on there.

Is there a way I can get my photos off this hard drive??