WD Hard drive shows up in Disk Utility, but not on desktop

I recently backed-up my mac onto a WD HD. I ejected the disk. I reinstalled MAC OSX and went to load my files back on to my computer using the external hard drive. It does not show up on my desktop, but it is visible on the disk utility manager. The options, such as Verify, are grayed out. The S.M.A.R.T. Status says “Not Supported”. The hard drive was not altered in any way, I just saved my settings and files on to it from my MAC.

I tried different USB ports, cords and computers (Macs) it does not show up. I have closed all programs to get maxium power to the hard drive. One time it started “clicking” but it did not show up in the disk utility manager. Also, the hard drive was not formatted only for mac, so it shows up on a PC, I just don’t have one to use.

What are my options, if any, to get this hard drive to work on my mac. This is finals week and I need my pictures!! Thanks for your help. - Sarah

Some of the extentions are not there after you re-install the Mac OS.

You need to download and install all Mac updates.

Then it will see the files on the WD external drive.

If after try the above suggestion but still not working.

You can transfer those pictures into a USB Flash drive via PC machine and bring them to your MAC.

In addition to what TheNarath says, I wonder if your System File needs ‘blessing’?

The only software that I am aware of that can detect and fix this (if that is indeed the problem) is Alsoft’s Disk Warrior.

DW is worth getting even if it isn’t the answer to your current problem, I hasten to add.

Ignore the S.M.A.R.T. warning though - that’s for internal HDDs only as far as I know.  

please oh please. how did you figure it out?i tried every single thing you did too… its not the chords,its not the format,its on the utility app. ive been at it all day. please help me out. ill take you out to dinner.