WD Hard Drive no longer detected

I booted up my computer today and my computer no longer recognized my hard drive. I tried w different sata cable and a different port on my mother board but to no avail. The drive is getting power because i can feel it spinning but is not recognized. Please Help

I have had something similar happen to me. I have just received a 3TB WD black. It worked for a couple of days without a hitch and can no longer been seen by either Windows or Linux (despite the fact that my bios can see it and identify it). Tried swapping cables and SATA ports, even pcs, but the cables and ports that haven’t worked on my WD work with other drives and the cables that worked with other drives don’t work with the WD. No sounds of mechanical failure either, no clicking or spinning only to come to a sudden stop. Has something similar happened to you? I think it may be a controller that gone faulty. I’ve already RMAed mined.

Mine is recognized on the bios and on boot menu now but it just wont boot from it. it also has no signs of internal error its just as if my drive is empty

go on disk mngt and check if you are able to see an unassigned disk; try to assign a letter

Is there a way to access this from the bios because i cant get into windows. when I boot up my computer it just says “please insert boot media” as if there is nothing `there.

please specify the motherboard or cpu that you are using.
You can access in different way to bios; it depends on the computer. Try to press F1 or F9, Canc, F12, F8.
Then on the boot priorities and device manager you should be able to see all sata devices.