WD hard drive - caution with Crystal

I have a slave hd from WD. It is 1TB. There is no OS on it. I use it for backup. Recently, I noticed that is has a higher temp and caution with crystal info:


The drive seems to run fine. I know that this is not going to last forever. I have tried

  1. to run the data lifeguard diagnostic tool
  2. Smart Status PASS
  3. Quick Test - fails after 2%

I want to run the Extended test, but I am not sure if this would cause more damage or hasten its demise.

Should I run the Extended test??

I have already backed up the drive, but I was wondering if I can format it and start over, maybe partition off the bad parts or seeing if there was another way.

If it was me, I’d just replace it. It sounds like it’s on its way out. If you want to keep it until it dies at least use it for non essential files and not for backups.

Best thing to do in your case is to ERASE Drive in Data Lifeguard. If its not fixed then replace it.