WD HARD Disk is not detecting while connecting to LAPTOP


 I connected my WD HARD DISK to my Laptop. but It is not dectecting.

 where as the white light Blinking.

could any one tell me what to do ?

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks & Warm Regards


Welcome to the Community.

Did this issue happen before or is this your first time using your WD Passport Wireless? Which operating system do you run? More information will allow for more Users to better help you.

I am facing this issue for first time. I am using Windows 7 Operating system.
I tried with other Laptop and with different Cable to connect with the laptop.
but somehow I couldn’t get any resolution.

I think it is Hard drive Issue.

I think the Drive Lock feature is turned on in the UI. Turn this off. Someone else had the same problem, that was my advise and it worked.

Hi Myron,

Thanks For taking a note on this Problem…
Could you please suggest me how to unlock the drive…?


First, using your web-browser, access the login screen for the My Passport Wireless (MPW). If you don’t have a password set-up on your MPW then you’ll be landed to the MPW’s UI dashboard.

Select Hardware:

Check the Drive Lock setting.

On mine it’s off so if I connect my MPW to my computer, it’ll see it as a external USB hard drive. If turn this on then all that will happen is that the MPW will charge it’s battery.

It may be that this option is enabled on your MPW.