WD Green not seen by PC

I tried one WD Green HDD I bought @ Microcenter and it was DOA. I replaced it and this one is not seen by the PC. This time instead of the BIOS throwing up a “system halt” warning, it just says “Wait”. Computer Management - Storage only shows the original WD
Since 1984 I’ve considered HP and WD to be synonymous with “it just works”. I’m not so sure any more.Suggestions?

UPDATE: I connected the drive using the power & SATA cables from the DVD drive, which works. Entering BIOS gives me a PINK (!) screen. Disk Management still does not show the new drive. Looks like another DOA Green.

I agree it looks like another DOA.
Just try if possible to have a replaced drive with different production date or revision.
Both of them (HDDs) might have been mishandled during transit or storage.

So much for spending $15 on a refurbished HDD. I don’t need or want anything too big as I’ll be using it to hold another OS.

RealGomer, I just went through this with a WD Black and had never seen anything like this before. It took three days for me to fix it. I’m assuming you’re on Win 10. Go into administrator, system tools, disk manager, storage. Click on storage and look for a disk marked unasigned or with no number or letter. Click on that and you should get a screen to assign it a letter. Then try to install it. I think the instructions are pretty close to the same in Win 7, 8,8.1 or 10. Let us know.


Heaven forbid that Win10 should besmirch any of my computers. I’m using Win7, very soon to switch completely to Linux Mint or OSX.
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