WD green -EARS 1TB is jumping up and down?

I have a green -EARS 1TB disk in an e-SATA enclosure and it has recently started jumping up and down,
I can hear it first (sounds like a fluttering sound)

  • if I touch the enclosure I can feel it shaking badly
  • if I press down on the case and hold it hard against the PC table it stops shaking
    and then a little while later it will start up again
    it has less than 1000 POH is it fried already?

Is it physically jumping up and down?  If so, have you checked to make sure the drive is securely fastened inside the case?  If that’s true, I’d make sure your data was backed up, then run our DLG Diagnostics on the drive.  It’s hard for me to believe that if the internal drive spindle or bearing was going out, that the drive would even continue to function at all.

Thanks for the reply;

it is secured inside the case,

it’s a Thermaltake Max4 enclosure (dual interface)

here: http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/Products.aspx?C=1285&PS=-1

it plugs into a SATA Power & Data combo plug, with 2 rail brackets that are mounted to the case

as this is a WD Green and a data storage drive the heads remain retracted for 90% of the power on time

and I normally don’t access the drive if I hear it jumping

I do the previously mentioned procedure before attempting access

I also checked the fan to see if it was the problem, when I stalled the fan the jumping continued

I have other HDD brands that do the same or similar,

including a few that would walk across the table if it didn’t have rubber feet on the enclosure

and one that will only operate in one orientation, if it’s reoriented it stalls (and it’s been like that for the last 7 years)

one problem I have is that DLG can’t see through my SATA controllers