WD Green 2TB MyBook Essential Moved to Internal


I had my WD Green 2TB MyBook Essential as the USB 3 external drive but I wanted it intelnal and to use another one of my drives as external.

So i changed them out and the WD now wanted me to initialise which i thought was strange but after asking some people they have said that once you initialise the files will show. So I initialised, no files. I then i did a quick format.

After looking around I have since found out that the WD encrypts the stuff on the drive. So I put the drive back in the MyBook essential caddy and still I cant see the files. So I initialised and still cant see them.

How can I get my files back. I know they are there and have not been overwriten. Will partition recovery help me out or because of encryption am I stuck?

You could try partition recovery, but initializing is data destructive.  It’s doubtful you will get your data back.  But like I said, you could try.

@liam85, initialisation is data destructive, but it only rewrites sector 0. If that was all that you had done, then a repair would have been relatively easy. Unfortunately you have massively compounded the problem by formatting your drive.

I would suggest R-Studio. That appears to be the tool that is most often recommended by data recovery professionals.