WD Green 2TB extremely slow response?


I recently bought a WD Green 2TB for storage (about a week ago).

Now it has become EXTREMELY slow sometimes when for example moving files within the drive, or renaming files.

When moving files Explorer just stops and “thinks” for 1-5min “Discovering items”, before anything happens.

When renaming files Explorer stops responding, also for a couple of minutes.

This is extremely frustrating, and im going nuts. Any idea what is wrong? PLEASE? :o)

Some info on my system:

* The disk is at about 1.2TB used of 2TB

* I have a total of 6 drives (including an older WD Green drive), and on those other drives renaming and moving within the same drive happens within a flash. Always.

* Im running Windows 7 64-bit Home

* Im running a fairly new computer (Intel i7 950, X58 chipset, 6GB DDR3)

* This is the only drive i have over 1TB

* Im running a SSD-disk as system disk

Just waited ~5min to move three files to another folder withing the disk.

After that i tried doing the same thing in the command prompt - no problem. It was instant as i should be.

If this is related to Explorer, why only the WD20EARS disk?

just try this tip

backup all your data first to another hard drive

connect the wd20ears with e sata or sata  in one old pc that is capable of running the windows xp sp3 setup disc

after that load the windows xp cd and try to install windows xp in that drive ( you have only to quick format the drive) and you can click on the reset button after that

then in windows 7 run wd align utility from acronis and align the partition

my hard drive is reading and writing an average of 80 MB/s after that


i have formated with windows 7 and not have obtained good results ( partitions says its aligned after) but reading is 30 MB/s average

so the old windows xp solved problems again