WD got me really disappointed with all the disks


So I would like to do a rant about WD so that things somehow change.

So my first disk was a WD Elements 500GB. It lasted around 1 year and then I had to RMA it due to fatal error (couple of things). Thank god this RMAed external disk hasn’t died for quite some time now. So, after that, I decided to buy one WD Black 6TB. So I got it connected to my computer, open WD Diagnostics Tool to make sure everything is right before I install my Windows there and then all tests failed (maximum reallocated sector count). Then, I requested and RMA, gave all the info and then I got sent a WD Black 6TB. Then, foolish of me,because my main disk started not functioning properly, I didn’t check of any disk errors, moved all my data to WD Black, formatted my old drive and then tried to install Windows with media tool but failed. So I was working on it 3 days to found out what the problem was (maximum reallocated sector count again). Then I lost all my precious data because all of them got corrupted for some reason. My second time RMAing the drive, got sent another drive and have errors again
(check pic: http://imgur.com/a/HOjBj).

I am pretty mad because I trusted this company with my data and all I get are probably refurbished disks that are sent by other satisfied people and got fixed temporarily. If I knew that WD had this bad practice towards RMAs, I wouldn’t have chosen this company in the first place.

This is the end of my rant, I really hope after this I can get a disk that doesn’t die after 0 days of use. Maybe this way I can get some attention because all the other times I just got an already dead disk.


Same sentiments / rant here unfortunately, albeit different scenario but questioning reliability of recertified drives.

About to do 3rd RMA on the same drive within a year (not same physical drive but sequence of RMAs of the original) and quickly losing faith on reliability of new and recertified. I do question how the recertified ones are passing quality control if at all? First drive failed under warranty so RMA’d. Replacement was DOA - returned, replacement received. Few months later, 3rd drive now about to be RMA’d.

As with any other equipment, surely if something fails within warranty period, you should get a new replacement, not a recertified? Granted it will be in the small print somewhere, but If you bought a new item that fails under warranty, you’d expect a new replacement and not a refurbished drive?

OK the RMA process is bearable apart from having to pay out postage unnecessarily all the time. I read somewhere in forum that a member mentioned something about only having to pay for the first RMA but shouldn’t have to for subsequent? Not sure how true that is or if anyone else knows.

4th time lucky perhaps. Dear WD, not a very good track record!