WD Gold vs Ultrastar

Anybody know the difference between these 2 drives? I’m looking for a good reliable drive for an upcoming build and I’m looking for a drive that is really reliable. I’ve herd HGST has been dissolved into just a singular drive series being Ultrastar. Since it’s hard for me to find the Ultrastar drives with warranty since most I’ve found are oem drives, I’m considering WD Gold instead. I’m just trying to see if it’s worth it to bite the bullet for Ultrastar instead of Gold.

i have been looking for same found this

  • if you are after a SAS drive, you have only UltraStar. There are no SAS Drives in Gold
  • if you are after a drive with specific byte per sector , Again Ultrastar is the only choice.
  • If you are looking for a SATA drive , take either Gold of UltraStar, they are the same great drive under the hood and it will be eventually down to pricing and availability to help you make a decision.