WD from 2008 (WD TV 1st Gen) to 2011 (WD TV Live Hub) had 0 improvement in making media players

What we get is just media player with same disabilities.

In video:
I have better post-processing on my built in TV media player.
Same with Upscale and
Panning - auto fit, 16x9, 4x3.
And of course there is no shuffle option for video playback.

In audio:
No post-processing at all.
Gapless playback?
Volume leveling and crusading?
How about visualizes?
Play all songs of same genre we had on Gen 1 until 2.8 fmw if I remember correctly
until someone decided that it was unnecessary.

Yes we get better hardware but media player is still limping with same problems.
Same frustrations for last 3 years.

Does anyone else feel this way?

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foetus wrote:

Does anyone else feel this way?

Some people do, some others don’t. Depends on what some perceive as “problems” and what others don’t.

As for a ratio of happy vs. not? I think this is an open poll now…