Wd frequent failures

i’m using a wd 320 AAJS hdd. and i have faced frequent failures since i have purchased. last time when it occured i sent it for the replacement but all the data was lost now again the one that  was provided to me suddenly stopped and is not detected by the bios and enev no movement of the spindle is there. 

i have gone through various technical manuals and found that this problem is due to the electronic failure and no power is going in the motor. please help me to find out  how to recover my data as this one is still in warranty period and hopefully i will get  a replacement  but i want my data back…

i think u need to send the drive to some data recovery lab which they have to use sophisticated equipment to recover your data

by the way, what PSU you are using?

i remember before that i am using some crappy PSU and it burned some of my components.

it is ok after i changed a new expensive branded PSU.