WD free standing external drive start button problem

I have had a WD External free-standing drive for a long time now, and yesterday I tried to toggle it off, but it appears to have broken. I am sure that the drive itself is not affected, just the tohggle switch, which actually seems to have disappeared!
I have looked at the case of the unit, but I am unable to locate any ‘screw holes’ to try to undo the case, and thereby affect a repair. If someone has had a similar experience and can help, I would be very grateful since I have many, many family memories on this drive.
Details of the drive:

S/N WCAL83018494
Assembled in Thailand.

Sometimes screws are hidden by the rubber feet of an enclosure. Remove one and see if this is the case.

I can find no rubber feet. The drive case is supported by plastic ‘out-stretched legs’, and, again, I can see nothing that would take a screwdriver anywhere on the body of the case.
Thank you for your speedy response.

Another idea: perhaps the cover is snapped on and a little finger pressure at bottom sesm can help get it off. Bummer that it could be so tightly sealed. See if there is a YouTube video for this model or google for how to open it… Someone may have it figured out.

Thanks again for your suggestions. I will try YouTube and Google to see if someone has had similar problems. If a solution and fix happens, I will let you know.
It’s a nuisance it broke in the 'off ’ mode, otherwise I could have tranferred the contents to my PC’s hard drive!

Good luck in your search.

Dear Mike,
I did have a look, but I think my WD drive goes a long way back. I tried
to contact Western Digital, who wanted details of the drive to include
the serial number. However, the the serial number must have been before
drives were invented, because it kept rejecting the number I entered,
despite many attempts and double-checking!
I used one of my other WD drive’s SN, to enable me to get the message
sent, and it did go through that time, but I expect I have confused
But I have now given up, and this afternoon took the drive to my local
PC dealer, asking them to transfer my files onto a new external drive if
possible. So I hope the files will be OK. Probably going to cost, but
saves me fumbling with the faulty one, and maybe causing further harm.
So, once more, many, many thanks for all of your input. It’s nice to
know there are good helpful members of this forum,

(I will let you know if all goes well - or not) !!

Wish you success with this solution.