WD fraudulent

What is with WD? Someone is using my account and ordering hard drives for delivery to their address in Georgia. I am getting order and shipping confirmations to my email and my billing address, but they are going to someone in Georgia. I have contacted WD multiple times – and that is not easy! – and zero reply. I’ll go to social media next. these guys are complicit. I have used WD hard drives for many years but I am totally disgusted with this total lack of customer support.

Change your WD Account Password

And contact your Bank to report un-authorized purchases and fraudulent activity.

That will achieve 0% nothing

Thanks for the response. Already did both items you suggested; I do not recognize the last 4 digits on the paymjent card, but the shipping and confirmation notices both include my home address as billing address, my phone number, and my email address. The most frustrating thing is not being able to talk to a human being at WD. I don’t know if WD pays attention to their twitter feed but they sure as hell don’t pay attention to a paying customer, me, so i’ll give it a try. Doesn’t cost me anything.

I have also recently struggled to get some customer support from WD via their customer support system. In the end, I had some success by using their online chat. It still took months to sort out my issue, but in the end we got there. Perhaps try that?

I got swift response after posting to their Twitter feed. Looks like that is the most effective way to get customer service. At least they have real humans monitoring the posts and responding.

Has your bank reimbursed you?

Not yet