WD for windows 8.1 app


I installed WD of windows8 app from Microsoft store to the tablet PC of windows 8.1. It seemed to have succeeded.

However, WD app didn’t lunch correctly.  It displays WD logo and stops.

my tablet PC

  Lenovo Miix 2 8

  windows 8.1 Japanese edition

Please let me know whether it run correctly on the Japanese Windows 8.1 environment.

Or please let me know the release time of the next official version if you know. 

Thanks and Best Regards,



Try reinstalling the application.

Delete the one that installed and reset the device and install the application again.


Thank you for answering.

I deleted “WD” from my tablet PC and re-started one. Then I reinstalled “WD”.
However there is no change in the situation.

“WD” didn’t lunch correctly. It displays WD logo and stops.

Please tell me if you have any ideas about this.

Best Regards,

still a problem.I have 2 windows tablets:  surface 2 and nokia 2025.  The Wd app works fine in the surface but not the nokia. Both running RT 8.1. no supported wd devices found splash screen only. File manager and apps see the wd drive and connect.

I have the same problem, strange how WD does not seem to address this !