WD Firmware Update says I should first backup my drive data!

I have a 4TB My Cloud Home device. A “WD Firmware Updater” (V4.0.1.4) has just kicked in, wanted to apply a firmware update. But the initial screen says, “Before starting this firmware update, it is recommended that you back up your drive data…”

But where to? I don’t have a second device and even if I did, it would take hours and hours to copy everything across.

Updating Firmware on any device (not just hard drives) always has a chance to go wrong. (eg. power loss during update, someone accidently switching of the device during the update etc.)

So, it’s basically a disclaimer if anything goes wrong.

Now, even saying that (regardless of updating firmware) you should always have backup of your data (if it’s important to you) in case of anything going wrong.

Hard drives can simply stop working, without warning. It’s happened to me many years ago and lost a lot of data. So for every hard drive i own, i have a second as a backup.

eg. I have a 2TB WD My Cloud and that data is backed up onto a 2TB WD Elements

I have a 4TB My Passport Ultra and that data is backed up onto a 4TB WD Elements


Sure, it’s not cheap … but it’s peace and mind and it’s a lot cheaper than a Professional Data Recovery $ervice.

Follow-up question:
Each time I restart my laptop, or even just close the lid and reopen it, I get the following message displayed in the Windows 10 notification area:

WD Discovery
A new firmware 1025 is available for your My Passport device. Click here to update.

But when I click, the message just disappears. I have the same message numerous times in the notification area. Does anyone know how to update the firmware?