WD external Runs...but won't show up on desktop or Disk Utility

I have a WD External that has been working great for 2 years.  One day it didn’t show up at all on my Desktop. Checked all over my Mac…and nothing.  I see lights blinking and you can hear the hard drive running…but will not connect to my Mac.

I have tried new firewire connections, 4 different USB cables, tried hooking it to my other iMac and MacBook pro and even tried it on my Dell Laptop at work…nothing.  It runs but won’t connect.  I have tried WD for service and no luck. 

Please help.  I have 14 years of financial stuff on this drive…not to mention 17 years of my kids life in photos and video.  If this won’t work I feel like WD just lost my life.   Please help.

Just a question, do you safely eject the drive everytime you disconnect it from the computer?

Also try and check this link for WD data recovery partners http://support.wdc.com/recovery/index.asp?wdc_lang=en

Sorry for what happened to your drive.