WD external Passport not backing up all files


I have a Music folder on my PC and I updated the songs under Earth Wind and Fire and Merle Haggard. They were both changed so much I went into the Passport through File Explorer and deleted the folder underneath the names of those artists. Passport has been plugged in for two days now, and blinking like it’s doing something, but I keep checking those two artists and no songs have been copied over. Should I just manually copy the folders under the artists to the Passport, but then what’s the purpose of having it if I have to copy the files over?


@Robert_Schultz You may want to create this topic in the sub-forums for WD External Drives instead of here in Personal Cloud Storage.


How long have you owned your Passport and what app or program have you used to move your music to it in the past?


Okay, thanks

November of 2014, I just use WD Quick view. I connect it, launch Quick View, put it on Backup and then “Enable” back up. It seemed to copy everything over to the Passport previously. I only take it out and hook it up every couple months;. It’s only for home use and I don’t have that many files other than my music.