WD external my book 1TB hard drive

I am having real problems with my external hard drive.  On my old Windows XP machine it worked but the WD Smartware [“Smart” it definitiely isn’t!!] software never really worked properly and the machine would often freeze.  I now have a new windows 7 machine and the ext hard drive just will not work.  I have asked technical support and they suggested uninstalling the WD smartware and then using a link to format the disc.  Whilst that will be my last resort (as I think the data on it is also elsewhere, I would rather not. However, the computer isn’t really recognising the hard drive.  When I open my computer the drive is there but the computer constantly tries to scan my computer then just freezes.  When I try to install the wd smartware, it gets to 25 seconds remaining for installation and then freezes.

Can anyone help?  I really think next time I buy an external hard drive it will not be a WD drive!

That is really weird.  Tried one last time and managed to get into the WD Smartware directory and install the software.  Seemed a different process and worked really easily - installed x64 rather than x86 (wouldn’t let me even though I have Windows 7 not Vista or XP!).  Anyway seems to work although I haven’t tried to back up yet.  I can see my files, which is the important thing!

I was wrong!  Hard drive looks like it’s working but it isn’t. I think it must be the rubbish "smart"ware software, which really is a waste of space.  Seriously will think carefully before buyin any other WD product in future

Have you tried checking the drive status on disk management and device manager?. Also try updating adobe flash player, java and microsoft .net framework.