WD External HD not recoginzed

I’ve had my Drive for over a year, I was using this drive as my main storage drive, storing games, photos, movies music etc. After a years time you can imagine it’s got quite a lot of information on it, information on it I need for work. I’ve never dropped it, damaged or done anything that could harm the device. Now, considering I’m at work all day and my computer and drive is out in the open with an active household someone may have unplugged it, dropped it or done something without my knowledge, which I have come home to find it unplugged and moved but it didnt seem to do damage since that was months ago and it just stopped recognizing the device last week. Another thing, the WD software keeps telling me to sign in to my MyCloud account which I had set up when I first got the drive, obviously; otherwise it wouldn’t work right? Well its telling me the ONLY email I use for gaming and things of that nature is not associated with a MyCloud account. How can this be? I registered my device already a year ago. I had a years worth of games, pictures, documents movies and etc. I’m very much considering never buying a WD product again. I have a seagate drive that me and my family have used for 6+ years thats been through more potentially damaging situations than this WD drive. This is absolutely ridiculous and considering my 3 year warranty is not over yet you can bet I’m gonna go and buy a seagate drive and transfer all my data for good. How can your company justify making a product that can’t last for more than a year? It would make sense if i was throwing it around or traveling, but this drive DOES NOT leave my desk. I would like an explanation as to why your devices can’t hold up for more than a year WITHOUT encountering damaging situations.

Wow…you sure are upset. I’ll say 3 things about ANY hard drive…backup, backup, backup.

At any rate you didn’t say anything about the model of the drive. I’m guessing it’s either a NAS or a USB external drive. But…you didn’t elaborate…anyone that could help you can’t.

And i will backup your statement :slight_smile:

The OP asks … “I would like an explanation as to why your devices can’t hold up for more than a year WITHOUT encountering damaging situations.”

I have a few WD Drives that are over 15 years old and about a dozen drives that are between 5 to 7 years old. (My Books, My Clouds, Passports, Elements etc)

None of them have ever failed.

But, i have had 4 Seagate Hard drives terminally fail … one of them was even a “Backup” drive which was stored safely away from heat and moisture.

Swore off Seagate many years ago and only buy WD Drives because they have been very reliable for me :slight_smile:

but, with anything involving technology … YMMV