Wd external HD model #WB10000EB035-01


need help please our XP computer has crashed, now we only have win 7 machines

how do we access our backed up files from your external drive

also what hoops must we go through to get tecnical help via e/mail?

thank you

len brauer

Hi lensgarden, what backup program did you used to backup your files, if you used Smartware check the link below for the steps.

How to retrieve a backup using WD SmartWare Version 1.6.x and earlier

Service & Support

all i did was drag and drop the files from the xp hdd to the wd drive

i did do and initial back up as per the wd instructions but we don’t want that bit

tried that support page all it did was run me around in circles?


i tried support by e/mail thingy and got this :


what do they want why can’t they simply accept my post?

what is it with wd? i want help not stumbling blocks

why don’t they contact me then

i need help please i cannot contact you

Hi again, if you dragged and dropped your files into the external hard drive, you should be able to connect it to the Windows 7 PC and copy the files to the PC. If the external hard drive is not recognized, try using a different USB cable, avoid USB extension cables or USB hubs. 

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thank you,

we will try again today and let you know.

will the drive be any use to us for back up from win7?

sorry feeling like a nuisance right about now, but we plugged it to both our machines now both with win7, it does not even show that we connected any sort of hardware, on both machines we have ‘C’ drive and the ROM drive

our very 1st back up we used the WD program to do a system back up

still need help

You can check on the disk management window to see if the hard drive is recognised there. If the hard drive is still not recognized and you have already tried replacing the USB cables, it would unfortunately appear to be faulty. You can contact support to replace it. 


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we are a little naive with the technology, where do we find “the disk management window”?

many thanks will contact the link provided

went to that link, but don’t seem to be able to post anything, this drive may be out of warranty, we bought it 2007 or 2009, can’t be sure.

we really need to be able to resurect our backed up data or all is lost.

many thanks

Sorry for that, lets see what we can do. Click on the following link for the steps to open the disk management window. 

How to access Disk Management in Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 to manage hard drives

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WIN7 still does not recognise the WD elements disk

thank you

Sorry to hear that. If you need to recover your files you can contact any of the data recovery partners on the WD support page, some of them offer a free evaluations of your drive. Chick on the following link for more details.


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so we can be sure now that the drive has failed?

we didn’t get much use out of for $135AUD we paid for it

we will contact the data recovery people in west end, so no doubt we will have to pay post or freight.

to date thank you for perservering with us

will be in touch

hello maybe for the last time?

you have been as helpfull as you can i would say

that we now can’t see any satisfaction in external drives, amybe we stick to flash sticks? lot cheaper.

estimate from data recovery centre inc’ P&P:

was between; $600AUD and $1500AUD.

way out side what we could afford, we will see a local bloke he maybe able to help, pity there isn’t a reliable disk recovery software program for home users.

so to date the $135AUD we paid for the drive is a loss

but thank you all the same for your patience