WD external HD freezes my computer

I have a new WD external HD. I downloaded a movie to it, then erased the movie. Now the HD freezes my computer when I plug it in. Any suggestions?

You can run SMART Test and Complete Drive Test to check the health of an external hard drive using WD Drive Utilities. If drive fails, indicates a physical hard drive issue and need to be replaced under warranty.

Moreover, you may use CHKDSK command to detect and solve the issues with the hard drive.

Thank you for the return email. I believe the issue may be that I deleted the support files on the hard drive. With it freezing my computer when I plug it in, is there a way to reset it?

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WD’s external hard drive doesn’t require any support files to make it work as a storage device. External Hard drive is a plug n play storage device to store data files. You can format it with appropriate file format in order to use it from the start.

Click on the Windows Start then type “Device Manager”. Check to see if any of the device are in an error state.

This can be because of virus, might be that movie you had downloaded contained virus and even after deleting movie from the drive, virus still exists.

I suggest you to scan the drive with antivirus and then reconnect it to check whether the issue still exists.