WD External HD Cable Bent

A few days ago I dropped my laptop while my WD external HD was connected. When it dropped, it forced the end of the cable inside of the USB port to bend. When I bent it back, I reconnected it into the USB port and I heard the HD trying to start up but the light never came on and after about 5 seconds it stopped. I just ordered a new cable but I’m curious to know what people think about this. Does it seem reasonable that the cable was damaged and that all it needs is a replacement? Or is it likely that my HD was damaged and that’s why it wouldn’t connect when I plugged it back into the port after I unbent the USB end?

The drive is probably physically damaged. It probably broke soldered joint of the USB port on the circuit board at a minimum.


I just received the new cable and tried it. The HD light now stays on, however, it doesn’t run. My computer doesn’t find the device once I plug it in. What should I try next?

Repalce the circuit board in the drive, if that doesn’t work, then you need to get the disk repaired internally.