WD external hardrive icon not showing up on Mac OS X

When I plug in my external hardrive into my MAC, the WD icon shows up, but not for the actual hardrive.

The disk inside is running and the light shows up.

I think i may have accidentally pulled it out, without ejecting it, or something else I cannot remember.

I want to fix this problem without erasing all of my files on the actual hardrive as well.

Any suggestions? 

I don’t know about Macs. find the equivelint of Disk Management in Windows and see if it is recognized there. If so maybe TestDisk http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk will fix partition structure if it’s corrupt


Hi tere, Go to Disk Utility and verify if the drive is not being recognized, try running FirstAid on the drive to repair it and if it cannot be repaired you might need to partition the drive. If it does not show in Disk Utilities, please try a different computer and let me know the outcome.