WD External hard drives

I have two WD Elements SE 1 TB hard drives. I have photos to add to these for my two children. One operates a windows program and the other Mac. Both hard drives are designed for Mac and windows. Can someone tell me how to do this please.

Format the hard drive exFAT … which is a readable file system on Windows and Mac computers.

Don’t forget to backup all your photo’s because re-formatting the hard drive to exFAT will erase all the data (your photo’s)

Do I need to do it to both hard drives, and what are the steps to do it.

Well, if you want to keep things simple and compatible with computers that You own and your two children … then it makes sense to format all the drives the same

WD Knowledge Base Article : How to Format a WD hard drive to exFAT or FAT32 File System


don’t use FAT32 it’s old, and has a 4GB file size limitation … exFAT is the recommended choice.