WD External Hard Drive - Not Enough USB Power?

Hello, I have a Western Digital External Hard Drive that I’ve had for about 5 years. It plugs in/loads through the USB port. However, it hasn’t worked when I plug it in to my MAC anymore. The red light comes on like it is getting power, but the blue light that typically comes on as well blinks a few times, then you hear the external hard drive shutting back down. Needless to say, it isn’t loading anymore, and I can’t access my files on the drive. I’m thinking/hoping that maybe (for some odd reason) it isn’t getting enough power through my MAC’s USB port anymore. Is this possible? If so, what can I do to solve this problem. Thanks for any help! 

Try a different cable and ports and make sure you’re not using a hub. They do make a power booster cable. It’s Y shaped and uses 2 ports on PC.


can anyone advise me if i can use the external hard drive My Passport Essential-SE which is formatted for windows by default to use with MAC. I know that we have to format it for MAC, but after formatting it for MAC will i be able to use it with both windows and MAC…??

If you want to use it on both go to Apple and download a free app NTFS-3G that will allow your Mac to read and write to the drive formatted for Windows.


Hi Rogger

Try using NTFS 3G on your mac if the drive is still formatted NTFS (windows). NTFS 3G is a controller which allows you to use any NTFS drive on your mac without formatting it , but if the drive is formatted HFS+ (mac) then you can use HFS explorer on your pc. 

I forgot to tell you NTFS 3G can be downloaded from www.apple.com . I hope this information is useful for you.