Wd external hard drive not being recognised by macbook pro

Hi I really need some help, I have a 1tb wd external hard drive that has a power adaptor. I previously had a normal laptop with window that this external hard drive ran fine with. When I try to hook it up to my mac it won’t recognise it. It is not on my desktop, disk utlity. I tried to use the wd quick formatter but it will not show up on that either. I have the most recent software update. The light on the external hard drive is on. I tried shutting down and restarting, but did not make a difference. Realy appreciate any help

Hi there, if the drive is not on disk utility then there is a problem… What version of OSX is your Mac, whar version of Windows was the laptop, and what exact model is the drive? It could be not compatible even with latest drivers.

i had the same problem with the same HD, i plugged and unplugged no less than 4 times, each time the drive would light up and run forever, not to be seen by my mbp.
finally i restarted and replugged it in and after a few minutes it showed up and mounts fine.

anyone with any idea what happened is implored to share.

I had windows vista and I currently have mac version 10.6.8. and my wd external hard drive is a e101559. thank you heaps for your help