WD External Hard Drive no longer recognized

My external hard drive started to eject itself from my PC laptop and MAC desk top computers and giving me the message that it had been ejected improperly, even though I never was touching it at the time. I always ejected it safely. Then it start to take forever to e recognized by the computer. Now the computer does not recognize it at all. The light is on, it blinks twice when I first plug it in, but nothing else happens after that. I tried a different USB cord and it didn’t work with that either, although my own USB cord works with other external hard drive. There is something wrong with the hard drive itself. I have had it for less than a year.

Please help me!

Were you using the 18 inch USB cable that comes with it?  If not, that could be the problem.  Also, check Disk Management to see if the drive shows up there.  Does it say Healthy?