WD External Hard Disc Corrupted after using with WD TV Live

Hi Geeks out there,

I recently bought a WD TV live (not sure wise decision or not) but after using my WD 500GB passport external hard disc, it won’t be recognized in windows, Linux or Bios. Can someone help me with this problem?? I think someone should have had this problem.

I have lot of files, movies and importantly my pictures (which i can’t lose) in that hard disc. Please please help me… thanks!!!

Before turning off your external hard drive or unplugging it from your WD unit, did you press the EJECT button on your remote ?

The WD box like a computer, uses an internal cache.  It is very important to press EJECT and select the USB device you wish to dismount, and only when it is dismouned it is safe to remove.

Otherwise you may have tried to unplug your drive while the box was writing data and you have a corrupted table.

Is there any way to re-format it or something?

Gotta love google… this worked great for me and it’s working just fine now.



Hi dbernie41,

Would you be so kind to elaborate a bit further on the problem you had and steps you performed. I’m having a similar problem with a Lacie external disk. After connecting to WD TV Live it seems to have become corrupt. Maybe I didn’t eject it properly but at this point I’m desperately looking for a way to save the data in there.

I tried the link you mention but I can’t seem to work it out: I do not have such  Cypress At2LP RC58 driver nor I seem to be able to install it.

Any directions would be much appreciated.

Hey guys

I’m in the exact same trouble. I did press the eject button, but obviously didnt press it properly, or was to quick in unplugging it. If anyone has any ideas on how I can get the info back it would be greatly appreciated.


You should also be aware, that WD external hard drives are very infamous for their very short life and instability. Just give this review page of the WD My Book Essential a read. Also take a look at pages 2 - 4. Usually after some time they stop being recognized.


To get the files out of a drive that’s been reformatted or erased, try using a file recovery tool such as FIle Scavenger by Quetek. It’s perhaps the best recovery tool out there:

Link: File Scavenger