WD External Drives - My Book

I have purchased two, TWO WD Extermal Drives from Best Buy in the last two years - and am sharply disappointed.  The reviews i read for this brand were sterling.  when the first drive simply quit after 18 months, i thought i probably got a defective unit, so i foolishly bought the next model up - more money better quality, right?  WRONG.  that drive just died after 6 months.  i will say it lasted barely long enough for me to actually use the drive to restore information from my old computer (who died ).  But to my horror, after one restore to a new computer the WD drive died too.  I mean no function what so ever.  i have protected this thing better than any electonic in my home.  i will never give this company another of my hard earned dollars.  i just replaced the drive with a product NOT made by western digital. 

to western digital - shame on you . 

to new members - get ready to be disappointed.

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this, they may be able to find if something specific affected your drives. You will also be able to obtain Warranty Support.

You can do so either by phone or email, to contact WD for Technical Support: