WD External Drives for the Mac

I know WD has a list of products which can be confusing to a user. Specifically, I am looking at the WD external hard drives for Mac. Even more specifically, I am focusing on the Desktop models NOT the passport models. 

WD offers the WD My Book Studio for the Mac. Also, you offer WD My Book Mac edition. Besides the size, what is the difference between My Book Studio and My Book? 

Here is what I am looking for. I need a WD external drive for the Mac. Strictly for the Mac. No Windows. I am looking at the Desktop models. No passport models. I will be using this Desktop model on OS 10.5 to 10.7. I am looking at least 2tb possibly 3tb. No more than 3tb. Either USB or Firewire. I would be copying music, pictures, and files to the external drive.

Do you recommend the WD My Book Studio OR My Book for the Mac?  Perhaps, either model is good to use.

BTW, I did look at the vague page comparing My Book for Mac and My Book Studio.   Again, it is too vague.  It doesn’t specifically show why My Book for Mac would be better than My Book Studio.  OR vice versa.  From the looks of it, there doesn’t seem to be a big difference between the two of those models.  However, there has to be a slight difference between the two of them.

Nobody has any suggestions.  Nobody uses WD My Book Studio or My Book Mac edition?  Nobody uses any WD desktop external drives on the Mac?  

It will be a matter of deciding what are the features that you need and which features you don’t.

They both have USB 3.0 interface and password encryption.

The main difference is the enclosure, which is plastic on the My Book for Mac versus the metal enclosure on My Book Studio.

You can check both products specs on the link bellow: