WD External Drive not recognized/ malfunction

Having problems with your WD external Drive ?

Recently I’ve encounter error code 43. Basically my external drive wasn’t connecting/ recognized/ and gave me a malfunction noticed on my windows 10(XPS).

I’ve tried every google search and no luck but finally I found this forum and someone posted this*(read Below). And it did the trick! Works and I was able to recover everything. I was about to pay over $120-$500 for data recovery but this comment save me that much! I just want to say thank you!!!

How to fix: Try this first!!!
“ I had this problem too and was really upset. But I did “Alt + Ctrl + Delete” and went to “TASK MANAGER” and then clicked the tab “Processes” and then clicked the tab labled Image Name to catagorize them by name and found “WDSmartWare.exe” in the list and clicked on it once to highlight it and clicked end process. After I did that I unplugged my WD Passport Essential and plugged it back in and it came back on and was recognized and all my files were still there. I hope this helps. I use Windows XP. p.s I don’t know if that is the safest thing to do but it worked for me.”

Another thing I did was - make sure the WDSmartWare.exe is enabled.
Good luck!