WD external drive My Passport Elite won’t show on windows 8

I had to transfer some files to a friend on external drive type WD My passport.
The disk was not recognized on my Windows 8 laptop. The bottom light was turned on

so there was no cable issue but it didn’t see it in File explorer or Total Commander.

I thought it has something to do with my system not recognizing the drive so I tried this steps
(after reading some forums discussions on similar issues) and this has worked with me:

Right click on Computer in File explorer. Go to manage.
The window Computer management will show up.
On the left browser window you will see Disk Management listed.
Right click on disk management and Refresh.
If the disk doesn’t show up, disconnect it and than reconnect it.
Then the C disk will show up with name: CD drive WD smartware.
Go to the wd smartware application - you will start an installer from
External drive - the upper light on the external drive sholud light up.
Go to my computer - there you can see '‘my passport’ as disk drive
(Or whatever the name it has).

Also note - this will work if the owner of the disk didn’t delete the driver software which is installed on it when they bought it.


Thank you for sharing your experience.