WD External Drive Lights up But doesn't Run!

I have a WD External hard Drive 500gb.

The external hard drive won’t register in my computer and it doesn’t run.

When i plug my power chord into the external hard drive the light on it is blinking in a wierd sewuence but the actual hard drive is not running. There is no sound at all coming from it.

I just bought the power chord from Radio Shack because I thought that was the probelm I also bought a new usb chord but neither of these have fixed the problem.

Anyone have any ideas??


If the drive is not spinning not even after you tried different cords it might just be a dead drive. If still under Warranty feel free to replace it.

Hey there, when my drive lost recognition I tried a different USB port with a different cable and looked for it in disk management, you can check if the drive is showing there, you will be able to see the status of the drive. sad to say I had to reformat the drive to get it working again.