WD External drive and PS3

Can anyone advise if  a PSE will read WD  external drive via the USB conection.

WD tech support doesn’t provide support for this.  So, I can’t send you to them.  However, if you have the VCD on the drive, it will not likely work.  Minimumly, you will most likely need to reformat the drive if it does recognize it.

Your PS3 will only read drives that have been formatted as FAT32.

I have a 160G WD HDD that was factory formatted as FAT32 and works well with my PS3. 

You should find out if there is the WD FAT32 formatter program available for your drive.  I found mine here on the support page:


Hope that helps!

Wow!! From the looks of things…this "smart"ware garbage seems to be the common denominator in most everyone’s frustration, including my own. I downloaded the software, and  formatted  to FAT32 so I could use the drive with my PS3. Which is the only reason that I bought this 320gb external HD anyway. I noticed all the hot air  on the box about this  "Smart"ware  nonsense before I bought it…and thought for sure that this Firmware was conveniently removable. I’ve been told that any storage device that has an auto-prompting software or firmware won’t work with the PS3. I’ve been left completely dumb-founded by WD’s lack of support with an updated firmware that can be removed…I can only hope that whoever reads this rant will heed this warning, and the countless others like it. Until this issue is resolved, your money is much better served with LG…or even SeaGate.

the gay new passports are ntsf…does not work on ps3 because the ps3 only supports fat 32…i have noticed that both my walmart still sells the older passports, that are preformatted fat 32.

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