Wd external drive: 2t is not working, period

My 2 TERABYTE ESSENTIAL BOOK DRIVE IS NOT WORKING, PERIOD! :sob::sob: It shows that the power cords ar properly working and it lights up showing that it had power and is working. However, it DOES NOT appear in ‘My Computer’. This is a serious problem for me, as it contains my most valuable files. HELP PLEASE!:sob::sob:

Call WD Support line to walk you through the troubleshooting as i dont have all the information from you. Does it show up in the Disk management? What operating system are you using? What is the connection “USB2, USB3”?

Several reasons can lead to hard drive not showing up:

  1. hared drive is hidden
  2. partitions get lost
  3. drive is not enabled in BIOS
  4. unsupported or RAW file system
  5. virus attack
  6. faulty cable or port

    You can check it again from these aspects. If it still not work, you can turn to a partition tool from google.

If the WD hard drive does not show up in “My Computer”, you can enter Disk Management (right click “My Computer”>“Manage”>“Storage”>“Disk Management”) to check if you can see the hard drive there. If it is visible right there, you can check if it shows unallocated space. If it is, you can create a new partition on it. But that will cause data loss. To ensure data security, you can run check whether there are some bad sectors on the drive via running Chkdsk.exe tool.
Step 1. Click Start button, input “cmd” in the Search field, right click the Command Prompt icon and select “Run as administrator”.
Step 2. In the Command Prompt window, input "chkdsk g:/"and press Eneter to check and fix found bad sectors on the flash drive. Replace “g” with your flash drive letter.
If that does not work, you might need a data recovery tool to get back your valuable files, then format it directly to solve external hard drive not show up in Windows.