WD External 1TB Hard drive a piece of junk?

My WD 1TB hard drive has been working perfectly fine until now. When I connect it to my computer, or any other computer, it lights up, I hear it running, and then the light starts flashing slow for about 3 times, then faster for another 3 times, and then it powers down. It makes no unusual sounds for a hard drive. It is not detected by any devices that I connect it to.

I have a great deal of data stored (and money spent) on this device and for it to have a life span of not even two years is quite appalling. It has been treated like a baby and shouldn’t be having any problems. What can be done or what could be the problem? Having delt with custumer support for a few companies recently, it would be refreshing to find a company that actually cares about it’s customers and SUPPORTS them.

Model #: WD10000H1U

Warranty: “Conveniently” out of date.

What I have tried:

  • Multiple computers.

  • Multiple USB cables.


Have you try contacting WD by email? Im pretty sure they can assist you properly.

To Contact WD for Technical Support