WD Ext HDD 2TB caution in SMART report

  Hi guys,

 Please give some advice, what should I do. I’ve a bad karma, during last 2 years I lost two 1.5 TB HDD with lots of my data, mostly all my GoPro Camera raw collection data. So as precausion, I’ve sometime monitor SMART of my currend HDDs.

 Recently I’ve noticed on my WD Ext 2TB HDD SMART caution. Smart look like:

 Crystal Disc Info:


 And Acronis Drive Monitor:


 I’ve tried to backup all necessary data, but it’s rather hard to backup data from hdd which was originally used for backup. Don’t have enough space.

 Is there any WD software to fix this or I should stop using this hdd to avoid data loses. It’s still on quarantee, does my case fits for quarantee replacement?


if the drive is still under warranty have it replaced. use the advanced replacement option. they may need you credit card for collateral though. that will give you enough time to transfer your files to the replacement drive.

my suggestion: DO NOT USE THE DRIVE until you are to perform the transfer already. you might damage the drive more if you are using it.

i hope this helps.