WD EXT. DISK stops reading after a couple of minutes of use

My WD 5000h1u-00 500GB portable external hard drive will spin up and read for a couple of minutes and then go silent. I can unplug and replug power supply and it will spin up again, read for a couple of minutes and then go silent again. I have replaced power supply and USB cord. Using PC running Windows 7. Any suggestions?

If you have replaced the power adapter and the unit still behaves this way then it’s a sign of drive fatigue, which means it’s unfortunately close to failing. If there’s anything on the unit with no backup then I’d recommend extracting the data while the device is still accessible.

This is what I was afraid of. I have actually been uploading photos from
it for the past few days before it started malfunctioning. Its several
years old. I managed to get about 83 GB off of it a couple of days ago
before it shut down. I think I have most of what I need off of it. Now I
have resorted to rebooting it and downloading as much as I can in 2-3
minutes over and over again. Thanks for your input.