WD EX4100 Drive stop responding from IP

i have 5 drives EX4100 its stop responding from ping,ssh,all services after i make reboot its working but within 1 day again same i have try to update firmware its latest one 2.30.172 still same.


Lots of threads in this forum on this topic already with no resolution from WD. Basically the unit seems to be kernel panicing for some reason and the only resolution is to power cycle the unit hard by pulling the power cable. I put in a request with WD, to enhance the kernel so that we could do some diagnostics on the kernel panics via the network, but this fell on deaf ears. I’ve given up following this up with them and have learned to live with it and have managed to configure my EX4100 to automatically reboot when a kernel panic occurs. Not ideal, but saves me having to manually intervene when ut decides to go belly up.

If you want details on how I did that, go looking in other posts :slight_smile:



if can share any link i will be very thank full to you.

Check this link