WD EX4 USB Drive Size Limit

Could someone tell me the maximum size of USB drive that the EX4 will support? I attached a 5 TB drive and it did not recognize it, but I would like to confirm. Firmware version is 2.11.140.

I have seen 5TB USB drives used with the WD My Cloud EX4. It would be best to confirm the unit’s file system in case it needs to be formatted. Additionally, physical compatibility needs to be considered as devices the use special drivers may not be recognized.

Thanks for the reply. The USB drive I attached was an out of the box new Seagate Expansion 5TB with NTFS file system. I attached it to a windows PC reformatted (again NTFS) and it worked fine. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you might have.

After reformatting in a different PC, I finally got the drive to be detected by the EX4. No idea what was going on, but for the record, the EX4 will recognize a 5TB USB drive.

I’ve got a 6TB WD Red drive connected.

Thanks for the reply - I finally got my 5TB external drive to work - don’t know what was going on.