Wd ex4 pr4100 - My cloud keep connecting to remotewd

my cloud keep connecting to remotewd.com instead of
can’t connect like before with explorer on windows or “RUN” typing \
can create shared mapped folder but next reboot, it says “too many connections”. i am connected to my nas only from one computer after a reboot!
says: too many server connections.
how can i change that "https://device-local-xxx-xxx-4b3b-b73c-xxx.remotewd.com:8543/# to the normal login, where i see in my browser only the nas ip?
that western digital 5 firmware is a disaster and for sure they’re nas is a keep a live big problems since i bough it.
shame on you WD western digital. western digital products are not good, to many problems with your firwares since i bout my pr4100.